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    Hypnotherapy incorporates the tools of hypnosis and counseling. Hypnosis utilizes the POWER of the subconscious mind which has an influential impact on our thoughts and actions. Combining hypnosis and counseling greatly increase the behavior changes desired, in a shorter amount of time. Hypnotherapy can be used for many facets or areas of our human lives. It can help you with Minor to Major things effecting your life that are affecting your happiness and well being.

    Are you ready to relieve chronic pain, advance your sports game, improve your love relationship or relationship with other people in your life, see who you your were in a past life, get relief from depression or anxiety, get rid of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), stop smoking, lose weight or most importantly manage your stress in your life in the healthiest way possible? These are just a few examples of how Now, Voyager Hypnotherapy can help you.